Last Updated: January 26th, 2021

What I’m working on these days?

  • I’m currently staying in Surabaya, working in the Business Development Department at Trustmedis. A health-tech startup that’s focusing on connecting patients to healthcare facilities in Indonesia.
  • Help my friend set up an online presence for his trading company Gasyla which focuses on many things, mainly the food business.
  • Work on a side-project with my friends. The idea is to help small businesses expand their ventures. It’s still in a very early stage. Could be a tech startup, or could be anything else. We’ll see about it.

What my life looks like these days?

  • Enroll in lots of online courses on many platforms. The pandemic gives much extra time in front of the screen, so I’m trying to make the best out of it by learning new things online. I’m mainly taking courses about product design, research, and psychology.
  • Join Telegram groups and Discord servers about startups and UX/UI design and spend a fraction of my weekdays talking to other enthusiasts and learn from them.
  • Jam with my bandmates remotely (I know, it sounds weird). Mostly hanging out virtually and discussing our band. The pandemic has a significant impact on the music industry. So who knows, perhaps this could be an opportunity. But the main goal is simply to stay sane, and music helps a lot.
  • Listen to a lot of interesting podcasts about various topics lately. One of my favorites is Stuff You Should Know on iHeartRadio.

What's next for me?

  • Probably continue what I’m doing right now. Jamming with my band, working on my side-project, and casually do some freelance design work.

This page is inspired by NowNowNow by Derek Sivers.